Friday, March 19, 2010

The Big Easy, Ants, high heels and soul food

In the Big Easy. So fun. Dad's old stomping grounds from his childhood so he's had fun playing tour guide. Game was last night and was a blowout, hoping for the same tomorrow night. Then after the game we're driving straight through to get Megan to her 11am flight in Jax. Long stressful story about that but it was taken care of with a new flight to accommodate the later game time.

The French Quarter. LOVED it! Street market, fancy boutiques, jazz bands, street performers, UK fans...very fun! Bourbon Street...dirty. Downtown New Orleans was fun as well!

Yesterday I wore my most comfortable heels that halfway through the day had a hole worn into the pad of the shoe. So I had to, twist my arm, buy some new shoes and finally threw my old shoes away. Bought some wedges that were really cute for about 9 blocks then made me semi crippled. Luckily Megan was nice enough to switch me her flip flops.

Today I wore more sensible stacked heels. Dad took us to a clearing by Lake Ponchasomethingorother. We were taking pictures and laughing and having fun and I look down and my pant leg was covered with ants. I stripped down to my panties screaming as Mom, Dad, Megan and perhaps some construction workers were laughing, a lot, at me...and Mom was busy taking pictures. I made dad take his wind breaker off and I put my legs through it and wore it upside down while Dad was nice enough to shake my jeans til all the ants were off. Awful! Good story though.

The food here is ridiculously good. Good thing we've walked 15 miles each day. The shopping is ridiculously good and cheap. I can't wait to get home and show off all my goods. I spent a little of my tax refund, it was worth it. So fun!

This trip has been really good for all of us. We've gotten on each other's nerves briefly bc we're 1. in such close quarters, 2. Megan and I are so much alike and 3. because we're tired and worn out. But having so much fun, we laugh and get over it.

Been a great distraction from the j-o-b waiting game. Talked to Richard Wed and he said all was good and we'd meet next week when he gets back in town. Keep praying!!

Going to bed and spending our last day in NOLA tomorrow with a big UK game to top off a great 4 days in a city I've never been.

Lucky, blessed and stuffed to the gills! xo

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