Sunday, March 7, 2010

Most thankful

I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm ready for whatever tomorrow brings. God has given me an extra dose of patience and peace this weekend. For that I'm thankful.

There will soon be a day that I start my new job. I'll be part of a team, a company, something I haven't been part of for much too long. I'm now able to bring myself, wholly. I'm able to offer them a confident, ambitious, excited person. I'm ready. For that I'm excited!

I have been meeting a lot of new people lately. I haven't been thinking or concentrating on meeting a man. Of wondering about Mr Right. I've been focused on other areas of my life and instead of planning my life I've been living it. My future isn't as far off as it used to seem and I know that I'm prepared for what will come. And for that I have peace.

I've heard something to the effect of life is what happens while you're busy planning. For the past several years life has been passing me by. And I've gotten by. I'm not ok with just getting by anymore. I'm living my life. I'm dreaming again. I'm dreaming bigger, better, bolder dreams that I haven't allowed myself to believe, until now, were possible. For that I'm happy!

My best days are not behind me. I've had some really great days. I've had some really great seasons. But I know that my best days are ahead of me. I know that the dreams I've started dreaming will be realized. I know that the prayers of so many people are soon going to be my reality. I know that God has equipped me with the confidence, humility, healing and hope that will allow me to thrive, succeed and prosper. For that I'm humbled.

"For as she thinks she is in her heart, so she is."

I think I'm blessed and highly favored. My joy isn't connected to my circumstances. And for that I'm most thankful!

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