Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bang bang what, and Cinco De Mayo is when?

Many years ago I dated a guy when I was much younger and more naive than I am now. I asked him when Cinco de Mayo was and he answered patronizingly that it was May 5th. I commented something to the effect of was it that time every year. He broke it down for me. Long time joke with my friends how blonde I am. Last week I asked a friend when Cinco de Mayo was and he answered "May 5th" and he couldn't understand why I couldn't stop laughing. Oh my friends understand me so well.

I don't like white stuff. No surprise to anyone who knows me. So my oath today was I'm not celebrating Cinco de Mayo because it has the word "mayo" in it. However, I'm at my best friends and they cook like rockstars. I had carrots with a white dipping something or other. And David made bang bang shrimp that would make Bonefish jealous. Both had white stuff in it. And I ate it. Growth!

I love my best friend. And I love her husband. She gives me the me reality and he gives me the man reality on my life. Both are equally helpful and insightful.

Had kind of a weird day. I'm learning lessons from all the people in my life, from crazy to sane, and they are all helping me be more me. David explained the male perspective and apparently since he's been married to my best friend for a few years he knows me better than I'd like to admit. And Whit knows me better than anyone. They both gave me a good talking to and I gained a new perspective on things.

Life is crazy how it works. A few years ago I had a little boy on my hip calling me Mom Missy who was my world. Today I had Trey at the store with Whit and took him to the car with him on my hip, unloading groceries. Just reaffirmed everything I've known. I'm a mom. I will be a mom and I'll be happy, full filled and content. But for the time being I can be fun Fun Aunt Miss who lets him get away with more than Mommy or Daddy does...he loves me! And Arden is still young but so cute and soon she'll have the Aunt Miss influence showing in her.

Groundhog's day isn't choosy. It can be the single girl looking for love and a job, a mother who takes care of kids or a grandmother who loves and worries about her family day in and day out. Life is what it is. What we can do is make the best of it and I'm making the best of it with the best people I know.

I'm blessed. I'm hopeful for my future, trying not to over analyze my present and thankful that my past has taught me what I know, what I believe and what I will change for my future. I have great people who support me. If everyone could be so lucky...

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