Thursday, May 13, 2010

I say who! I saw when!! I say who...

Ok so that's maybe not the best quote I can come up with but who doesn't love Pretty Woman. And it's a great reminder. I mean, not in the way she meant of course, but a great reminder none the less. Especially in the world of dating. I will not base my opinion of myself on whether a guy I don't even know all that well calls or doesn't call. I will not feel less than really special if things don't go how I expected with a date. I will not forget that I'm fabulous even when my feelings get hurt and dumb boys make me cry. Because...I control it. I say who. I say when. And I say who!

Who has control over my thoughts, feelings, emotions and day? Me. Other's may influence how I react but I have ultimate control over me. Not hot guy number 1, 2 or 3.

I'm not complaining. This is kind of a preemptive strike. Because in the world of dating one day you cant keep up with the texts and calls and emails from multiple people, then the next day, radio silent.

It won't drive me mad. It won't drive me crazy. The only person who has control is me. So I'll put on my highest heels, my best accessories, my sassiest outfit and will continue to remember that I say who. I say when. And I say who. NOT the other way around.

Blessed, confidant, sassy and expecting and feeling the buzz in the air that somethin's about to change!!

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