Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blah blah blah blah blah. Blah!

Reason for Blah today:

I'm not looking. I'm dating. And it's a pain in the butt dealing with the dramatic, emotional, pain in the butt guys that come with dating!! And you don't know they are dramatic, emotional, pain in the butt guys until you date them. Blah blah! I'm being patient. Yes, this is the patient me!

Tests today for real estate were timed and mind teasers., problem solvers, writing paragraphs about nothing and you couldn't erase or change anything, pictures of shapes on top of shapes I've never seen from 8 different views from space and you had to see if it was the same or different. Oh and some fun math without a calculator thrown in for good measure. Not one question on figuring out commission, which is the only math I do! Brain Dead!!!! I kept waiting for the dunce bell to go off! But the good news. It's a great company. If I'm smart enough to get hired they have all kinds of benefits of working there. We shall see.

I go to pay the premium for next month, open the envelope and without any warning, any explanation, NOTHING, my COBRA has gone up and additional $250!! IN ADDITION to what I was paying. Almost $400. A MONTH. For insurance. And if you don't pay, cant afford to pay, whatever, you lose everything, really. Because then you have a lapse and if you have pre-exisiting (I do) then all the money you paid all the months before is for nothing. Who can survive when health care alone is $400 for ONE PERSON?? One person! One healthy person!! Absolutely asinine and disgusting.

I'm done griping. Just one of those days. If it was going to happen to tick me off, it's happened today. Even the dream I had when I took my nap today ticked me off. I woke up so angry. So I'm praying. For my angry outlook, my bleak blog and my everyone is against me mentality. But today it was true, everyone was out to get me.

Tomorrow will be better. I still have options, I'm still sassy, if not a little deflated, but blessed and excited for the things I know are coming!! My best days are in front of me! My best days are in front of me. My best days are in front of me. Smile, repeat, ad nauseum...

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  1. So now I get why you are annoyed by the Bachelorette. ha. ha. ha!